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What is a College of Paramedics?

A College of Paramedics is not an educational facility but rather a self-regulatory body that would oversee medical licensing for all paramedics in Ontario.

Self-regulation is a privilege granted to those professions that have shown they can put the interests of the public ahead of their own professional interests. It recognizes that health professionals have specialized knowledge and expertise. These health professionals regulate themselves as individual practitioners and their profession through their respective College.

What is the role of a College of Paramedics? 

A College of Paramedics would fulfill its role by:

  • establishing requirements for entry to practice
  • developing, promoting and enforcing practice standards, competency requirements and professional conduct
  • administering Quality Assurance and continuing education programs
  • promoting and enhancing relations between the College and its members, other health profession colleges, key stakeholders, and the public

A College of Paramedics also supports the regulation of the health profession in the public interest by:

  • participating in the legislative process
  • sharing statistical information about the profession

Who directs a college of paramedics?

A College of Paramedics is directed by a council or board of directors, consisting of professionals (elected by their peers), as well as members of the public (appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario).

How does a college protect the public?

In order to perform its duties, a College of Paramedics is required to have the following committees which are composed of a combination of registered practitioners from the health profession and the public:

  • Executive Committee
  • Registration Committee
  • Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee
  • Discipline Committee
  • Fitness to Practice Committee
  • Quality Assurance Committee
  • Patient Relations Committee

Together the Council and the Committees work to protect the public interest and to ensure that those who use the protected titles (doctor, nurse, massage therapist, pharmacist, etc) of their respective health care professions are in fact, competent, qualified and registered to practice in the province of Ontario.

What are other provinces doing with paramedic self-reg?

Currently, paramedics in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are self-regulated. 

Paramedics in all provinces across Canada are pursuing self-regulation as it is an important step to put paramedics on equal footing with other health care professions.

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